Saint Benedict the Moor Secular Francican Fraternity

St. Benedict the Moor Fraternity Secular Franciscan Formation Program
Duration: 2 ½-3 years

1) Come and See by Lester Bach, OFM and Theresa Baker, SFO
2) Fully Mature in the Fullness of Christ by Benet Fonck, OFM
3) Ritual of the Secular Franciscan Order by Benet Fonck, OFM
4) From Gospel to Life: The Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order w/commentary
5) Called to Proclaim Christ: Short Reflections on the SFO Rule by Benet Fonck, OFM
6) Bible
7) Catechism of the Catholic Church
8) Vatical II documents

1) Initial Contact-3+ months
2) Orientation-3+ months
3) Inquiry-6 months
4) Candidacy-18+ months
5) Period of discernment leading to profession/profession retreat/Rite of Public Profession
6) Ongoing formation-lifelong

Phase 1: Initial Contact (no text)
- 3 consecutive visits with the fraternity
-advised to read a book on Francis and Clare and see film; “Brother Sun, Sister Moon”
-at the end of 3 visits, an interview with the formation director and member of formation team
-asked to write a letter to the council requesting admission into the orientation phase
-voted on by the council

Phase 2: Orientation (text: Come and See pgs. 22-61)
Topics: Basic discussion of Secular Franciscan vocation, Franciscan history, Gospel lifestyle and discernment

Phase 3: Inquiry (Text: Fully Mature in the Fullness of Christ, chpts. 1-6)
Ritual: Ceremony of Introduction and Welcoming (Ritual of SFO)-given biographies of Francis and Clare
Topics: Called to Holiness, Holy Spirit, Francis and Clare, Secular Franciscan Order, History and Tradition, Observing the Holy Gospel

Phase 4: Candidacy- Part 1 (Text: Fully Mature..., chpts. 7-18)
Ritual: Rite of Admission-given Tau cross and copy of the ‘Red Rule’ book
Topics: Community, Penance, Evangelical Simple Living, Prayer, Witness and Apostolate, Lay Mission, Bearing Peace and Charity, Justice and Dignity, Loyalty to the Church, Witnessing to the Gospel in a Public Profession, Example of Mary, In Intimacy with Jesus/In conformity with Jesus

Phase 4: Candidacy-Part 2 (Text: Called to Proclaim Christ...
Topics: Discussion of articles of SFO rule
Profession/discernment retreat with formation director and team members.

Phase 5: Public Profession at St Francis of Assisi
Ritual: Rite of Profession or Permanent Commitment to the Gospel Life within the Mass-given copy of the bible and 5" San Damiano cross

Phase 6: On-Going Formation-lifelong
Evaluation of the formation program by the newly professed
Evaluation of the formation program by the council.