Saint Benedict the Moor Secular Francican Fraternity

In accordance with the Fraternity’s rosary apostolate, members have made and distributed thousands of Ranger rosaries to the military. These rosaries, made to exacting standards with green parachute cord, black beads, and a black crucifix, travel with United States armed forces to wherever they serve in the world.

The Fraternity has also designed, made, and distributed thousands of its “Saint Francis Cares” rosaries to churches, hospitals, schools, and charities in the New York metropolitan region, and to missions throughout the world. These rosaries, made with white parachute cord, brown beads, and a white crucifix, symbolize the brown robes and white belts of the Franciscan order.

Since January 2010, the Fraternity has designed and made hundreds of rosaries for distribution to the faithful in Haiti. Made with blue parachute cord, white beads, and a white crucifix, these rosaries symbolize the colors traditionally associated with Our Lady.

It costs under one dollar to make one rosary, but the Fraternity gives the rosaries away for free. The costs of the parachute cord, beads, and crucifixes are borne by the members of the Saint Benedict the Moor Fraternity. Please email us if you would like instructions on making rosaries for your parish or group. 

Saint Benedict the Moor Fraternity